I picked this image for my first post of the new year because a crescent moon is a symbol of renewal. After checking the weather reports I headed out to photograph the sunset at a wilderness lake near my home. The sunset ended up not panning out the way I had hoped but I knew there was a waxing crescent moon that would soon follow the sunset and decided to hang out and shoot some stars anyway. A small patch of clouds moved in just in time for moonset which helped add interest to the simple composition I chose. After the moonset I shot some nighttime images over the frozen lake. Being out there at dark on the lake was a little eerie, with the sounds of the ice shifting underneath me. At one point it sounded (and felt) like the ice was going to split apart right underneath my feet…it made me jump by the way šŸ˜‰


One thought on “Renewal

  1. Zack,

    I am a crescent moon chaser and have been for the last 20 years. Nice photo of this last crescent. I photographed it as well, but did not bother to post it yet, don’t know why. Your composition is very nice and one that I would be glad to call my own. I have four crescent images as part of my best 2010 images on my blog and on the homepage slide show on my website. Take a look and leave some feedback if you like.

    Take Care

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