Eight Below

Eight Below

All of these images were taken on a stretch of the Hudson River near my home in Athol. With morning temperatures in the negative single digits this made for some beautiful conditions. After checking the temp at home I put on a few extra layers and headed out. Knowing that there was a good chance for frosty trees I headed for a section of the Hudson that is usually open during this time of year. I arrived with plenty of time before the sun came up over the trees. The mist rising from the river had indeed left frost on the trees lining the banks. I spent about an hour exploring different compositions. Here are several of my images from that day, showing the variety of compositional material I found on this very short stretch of river. All of the images you see here are available for purchase as Fine Art Prints through my website at www.adirondackzack.com

Ray Of Hope“Ray Of Hope”

On The Edge“On The Edge”

Carving A Path“Carving A Path”

Winter's Breath“Winter’s Breath”


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