Ampersand Mountain

Ampersand Mountain

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog here, mainly because I have been taking advantage of winter and getting out to shoot as much as possible. I shot this beautiful sunset from the summit of Ampersand Mountain near Saranac Lake, NY, this past Monday. The forecast called for gradually clearing skies throughout the afternoon so I was anticipating a nice sunset. After hiking nearly 3 miles I reached the 3,352 ft summit and found these wonderful wind sculpted patterns in the snow. The rest of the summit was mostly bare rock from being blasted by the wind constantly. It was so frigid my camera ate up 3 lithium batteries in the relatively short amount of time I spent on the mountain. Temperatures were only in the single digits and with the wind it was well below zero. My camera looked like an ice cube by the time I was done shooting the sunset. Hiking back down under a starry night sky is always an exhilarating experience!


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